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Samstag, 23. März 2019
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Predator-prey interactions throughout the geologic time



Predator-prey interactions throughout the geologic time

Ein ProMare-Vortrag in englischer Sprache von
Dr. Michal Kowalewski
(Department of Geosciences, Virgina Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, USA)

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008, 18:15, Hörsaal 1, BIOZENTRUM (UZA1) Althanstraße 14, 1090 Wien

When evaluating the importance of ecological interactions in driving the Phanerozoic evolution of metazoans, predation has received particular attention, both because it has been invoked repeatedly as an evolutionary force and because quantitative data on the geological history of predator–prey interactions are accessible by studying trace fossils left on prey skeletons.

These trace fossils primarily include drill holes, generally interpreted as successful predation attempts, and repair scars, believed to represent failed predation attempts.

Studies on such patterns not only provide important insights into the history of predation. A new predation database for marine invertebrates even allows for a time series of predation intensity estimates that can be contrasted against the fossil record of biodiversity.

Dr. Michal Kowalewski is a leading expert on predator-prey interactions through the history of life and he will report on his cutting-edge research, recently published in journals such as PNAS and Science.


Bitte beachten Sie auch den Vortrag von Dr. Kowalewski am gleichen Tag um 16 Uhr c.t.
Thema: Diversity of marine animals through Earth’s history: Global and local perspectives

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